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Ladies and gentlemen,

it is my pleasure to welcome you to Easyfur.com. 60 years ago, my father Dieter Paustian first set out to the fur industry. His vision and our family’s desire for thoughtfully handcrafted products endures until this day. Years after, in 1990, I completed my master craftman’s examination. As of today, I am proud to have even the third generation of our family involved.

In our Kiel workshop, in Northern Germany, our team of master furriers and expert tailors work tirelessly to fulfill our customer’s wishes. The next leap forward in our development is to provide wholesalers, fur traders, furriers or alike, with the best quality skins and bodies available on the market. Only one click away - competitive pricing guaranteed. It goes without saying that all of the fur bodies and skins are ready for worldwide delivery (U.K., U.S.A., Australia, Singapore, U.A.E., etc.).

For us, just as well as for our customers, it is crucial to understand the origin of our furs. Therefore we are strengthening our relations to world-renowned companies such as SAGA Furs, Kopenhagen Furs and NAFA - companies perceived as nothing less than world leading when it comes to guaranteeing certain fur’s origin. Good quality fur doesn’t come from nowhere - it is all about treatment and sustainable practice. Our guidelines are strict and our ethics are unshakeable.

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