Canadian Raccoon Pelts (Fur Harvesters)

Product information "Canadian Raccoon Pelts (Fur Harvesters)"

Canadian Raccoon Pelts (Fur Harvesters Auction)

Auction Size: 1xLG
CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora): Because of its negative impact on their ecosystem if left unmanaged, and the risk of overpopulation, the species' population is controlled, CITES is not required!
Color: Beige
Country / Region: Canada, North America
Dressing: Dressed within the European Union - by European standards
Latin Name: Procyon lotor (Raccoon)
Origin: Wild Fur
Quality: Ausgewählt
Quality Label: Fur Harvesters, Origin Assured (OA)
Type of Fur: Racoon
Usable Length (from the ears to the beginning of the tail): ca. 54-51cm