Mix Packages - Boa Edition

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Fur Boa Package - Fur Boas made of canadian and scandinavian Tails  In the following... more

Fur Boa Package - Fur Boas made of canadian and scandinavian Tails 

In the following you'll see a few packages of fur boas. Please choose your favorite package! The length of the boas is regulary appx. 140 - 156 cm.   

Package 1:

Scandinavian  Silverfox Fur Boas7 pcs.
Scandinavian  Crossfox  Fur Boas: 3 pcs.
Scandinavian  Bluefrost Fox FoxFur Boas: 2 pcs.
Scandinavian Arctic Marble Fox Fur Boas: 3 pcs.
Scandinavian  Shadowfox Fur Boas: 1 pcs.
Scandinavian  Golden Island Fox Fur Boas: 2 pcs.
Canadian Coyote Fur Boas: 8 pcs.
European Redfox Fur Boas: 20 pcs.

46 pieces
Package 2: Scandinavian Silverfox Fur Boas: 14 pcs.
Scandinavian Crossfox Fur Boas: 6 pcs.
Scandinavian Bluefrost Fox Fur Boas: 4 pcs.
Scandinavian Acrtic Marble Fox Fur Boas: 6 pcs.
Scandinavian Shadow Fox Fur Boas: 2 pcs.
Scandinavian Golden Island Fox Fur Boas: 4 pcs.
Canadian Coyote Fur Boas: 16 pcs.
European Redfox Fur Boas: 40 pcs.
92 pieces
Package 3: Scandinavian Silverfox Fur Boas: 7 pcs.
Scandinavian Arctic Marble Fox Fur Boa: 3 pcs.
Canadian Coyote Fox Boas: 8 pcs.
European Redfox Fur Boas: 20 pcs.
38 pieces
Package 4:

Scandinavian  Silverfox Fur Boas: 14 pcs.
Scandinavian  Arctic Marble Fox Fur Boa: 6 pcs.
Canadian Cojote Fur Boas: 16 pcs.
European Redfox Fur Boas: 40 pcs.

76 pieces


If you want to buy more than 150 Fur Boas you can put the boas together that you want. Please contact us! We would be happy to give you some advise!

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