Canadian Red Fox Top Lot - May 2017

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Canadian Red Fox Top Lot - May 2017 We purchased the  Red Fox Top Lot  at this...больше

Canadian Red Fox Top Lot - May 2017

We purchased the Red Fox Top Lot at this year's Fur Harvesters Auction. We are glad to receive the "Red Fox Top Lot Award". In the Top Lot are the best 9 red fox skins from over 35.000 red foxes from the entire auction. The Fur Harvesters Auction in Canada belongs to the most famous auction houses worldwide. They are very well-known for their wild fur and farmed skins. 

Do you have questions regarding the Top Lot Award or the product? Please do not hesitate to contact us! Tel : +49 431 66 11 39 0 - E-mail :

Разновидность меха: Рыжая лиса
Цвет: Натуральный
Quality: Top Lot
Знак качество: "Fur Harvesters", "Origin Assured" (OA)
Страна / Регион: Канада, Северная Америка
Происхождение: Because of its negative impact on their ecosystem, and the risk of overpopulation, the species' population is controlled, Дикий товар
Дубление: Выделка в Европейском Союзе - Гарантия европейского качество
Международное научное название: Vulpes Vulpes (Fox)
CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora): Сертификат CITES ненужен
Комментарий: TOP LOT 2017 - Fur Harvesters Auction

Wild and farmed Foxes

Foxes are spread on the entire earth (exception: Antarctic). In some areas, there is a risk of overgrowing populations. Today the most foxes come from high-quality Scandinavian fox farms. Of all long-haired furs, foxes are most popular. Wild red foxes, for example, live around the world, mostly from North America and Europe. You can choose from noble farmed silver foxes, blue foxes, bluefrost foxes, golden island and shadow foxes or wild Canadian and European foxes. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding our fox skins.

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