Russian Sable Skins in Tortora (Sojuzpushnina)

Product information "Russian Sable Skins in Tortora (Sojuzpushnina)"

Russian Sable Skins in Tortora


CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora): CITES is not required!
Color: Tortora
Country / Region: Russia
Dressing: M.I.B. - MANIFATTURA - Italia
Latin Name: Martes zibellina (Sable)
Origin: Wild Fur
Quality Label: Sojuzpushnina
Silverys: 0pcs. x Silvery 1 - 25pcs. x Silvery 2 - 9 pcs. x Silvery 3 - 13 pcs. x Silvery 4
Type of Fur: Russian Sable
Usable Length (from the ears to the beginning of the tail): 10x45-50cm 26x41-45cm 11x35-39cm