Skandinavien Fawnlight Fox Skins (SAGA Fur)

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Natural Fox Skins from Skandinavian Fawnlight Foxes (SAGA Fur) more

Natural Fox Skins from Skandinavian Fawnlight Foxes (SAGA Fur)

Type of Fur: Fawn Light Fox
Color: Natural
Shade: Medium, Pale
Auction Size : 0
Usable Length (from the ears to the beginning of the tail): 70-80cm
Quality Label: SAGA Fur
Country / Region: Scandinavia
Origin: Farmed Fur
Dressing: Dressed within the European Union - by European standards
Latin Name: Alopex Lagopus Forma Domestica (Fox)
CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora): CITES is not required!

Wild and farmed Foxes

Foxes are spread on the entire earth (exception: Antarctic). In some areas, there is a risk of overgrowing populations. Today the most foxes come from high-quality Scandinavian fox farms. Of all long-haired furs, foxes are most popular. Wild red foxes, for example, live around the world, mostly from North America and Europe. You can choose from noble farmed silver foxes, blue foxes, bluefrost foxes, golden island and shadow foxes or wild Canadian and European foxes. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding our fox skins.

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Customer evaluation for "Skandinavien Fawnlight Fox Skins (SAGA Fur)"
2 Mar 2018

Ideal für meine Kunsthandwerk Artikel

Ich betreibe ein kleines Kunsthandwerk Geschäft im Schwarzwald und benötige hin und wieder verschiedenste Felle für meine Produkte. Ich habe schon mehrmals bei Easyfur bestellt und bin sehr zufrieden. Besonders gefällt mir, dass ich auch einzelne Felle bestellen kann und keine großen Mengen abnehmen muss.
Johann Seiberg

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