Black Cross Minks

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Black Cross Minks more

Black Cross Minks

Type of Fur: American Mink
Color: Black Cross
Quality: Burgundy, Platinium
Shade: Dark
Quality Label: Kopenhagen Fur, Origin Assured (OA)
Country / Region: Denmark, Scandinavia
Origin: Farmed Fur
Dressing: Raw Skins
Latin Name: Mustela vison (Mink)
CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora): CITES is not required!

Fine Minks Skins

Mink are usually bread in fur farms all over the world and no longer taken from the wild. You can find all kind of farmed mink skins; most minks come from Scandinavia. Minks skins are particularly versatile and durable. The price differences depend on origin, type, color, and quality. Mink skins have a soft undercoat and a dense, silky and shiny top hair. Female minks are smaller, lighter and a little shorter-haired than male minks. You can also easily pluck or shear minks. Minks come in natural colors from light to dark brown, from natural mutations from white to beige, silver blue, gray and pastel to black-brown and many more color shades.

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