Russian Bargusin Sable Skins in brown

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Russian Bargusin Sable Skins in brown   more

Russian Bargusin Sable Skins in brown


Type of Fur: Russian Sable
Color: Brown
Quality: Selected
Auction Size : 1/2, Large, X-Large
Silverys: 0pcs. x Silvery 1 - 25pcs. x Silvery 2 - 9 pcs. x Silvery 3 - 13 pcs. x Silvery 4
Usable Length (from the ears to the beginning of the tail): 13x45-50cm 30x41-45cm 3x35-39cm
Quality Label: Sojuzpushnina
Country / Region: Russia
Origin: Wild Fur
Dressing: M.I.B. - MANIFATTURA - Italia
Latin Name: Martes zibellina (Sable)
CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora): CITES is not required!

Russian Sable Furs

Martes zibellina or martes americana also referred to as Canadian sable belongs to the genus of true marten. For more than a thousand years sable fur has been considered as a treasure. The Russian sable is about 35 to 45 cm tall; the tail has a length of 12 to 15 cm. The soles of the feet are hairy. The sable lives mainly in the forest; rather on the ground, rarely he climbs trees. Sables are mainly found in medium altitudes, especially in spruce and Swiss pine forests, sometimes in swamps with trees. As early as 1931, the breeding of sable began in farms. Today, 90% of the sables are farmed sables. The name depends on their origin, e.g. Barguzin, Kamchatka, etc.. The coloring is predominantly dark brown with shades of deep dark brown to light and brown yellow. Professionals speak of "water". The more uniform and darker the "water", the nobler the hair coat.

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