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The online platform for dressed fur skins, raw skins, fur bodies, and all fur-related products - catering to the fur industry and fur products professionals only. 

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With more than 60 years in the Fur Trade and industry, we have been manufacturing the highest quality fur products in our Master Furriers' workshop in Northern Germany. From fur blankets and throws to fur pillows, fur vests, fur jackets, up to large scale interior projects - our track record speaks for itself. Now we are working on providing you with the best furs in their purest form - easy and accessible right from your computer.

We know that great fur products need great quality, to form something greater than the sum of its parts. It all rests on the fur's quality, meticulous work and a lot of care is required to create the final handcrafted product with exceptional quality. Every stage of the process has an enormous and direct impact on the way your customers experience your work. Let us support your expertise by providing you with the finest fur materials only.

"Quality can be felt" is our philosophy - our company follows a leading eco-friendly process in the trade with strict monitoring from the European Union with vigorous regulations and control that preserves Easyfur at the forefront of renewable and ethically-conscious production.

Based on this principle, we don't support furs that come from unregulated or cruel environments which are a very common place in many Asian fur companies - we only sell furs with an entirely clean background.

All our furs come from prestigious auction houses (SAGA Furs, NAFA, Fur Harvesters Auction inc., Kopenhagen Fur), and farms located in the Scandinavian region, Northern Europe, North America, etc.

 We are constantly working to provide you with an unparalleled internet shopping experience. That’s our promise. If you can't find what you are looking for, contact us - we will do everything in our power to help you out.

I hope you have an enjoyable time browsing through our fur products.

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SWAKARA Lambskins - blue

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European Red Fox Skins in Red

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Europaen Red Fox Skins - creme

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Europaen Red Fox Skins in Pink

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Colored European Red Fox Skins - Orange

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Colored European Red Fox Skins - Blue

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